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With around 350 Sea Scout Groups in the UK, only 110 of these are Royal Navy recognised.

To be recognised, the Scout Group has to pass a stringent inspection every eighteen months, from a serving Royal Navy officer.

During these inspections the group is tested on their scouting and nautical knowledge and ability to work collectively as a group and individually to achieve a common goal.

We at Lilliput are proud to be RN recognised, (RN-45) and wear the Royal Navy Recognition badge, shown on the bottom of this page with pride. In addition being RN recognised allows Lilliput to fly a defaced Red Ensign, which is used in the main hall and replaces the Union Flag used by Scouting.

Following the theme of being RN Sea Scouts, our HQ is called T.S. Gulliver, T.S. is a RN abbreviation for Training Ship and Gulliver was the first boat that Lilliput Sea Scouts ever owned, and she was so called because of the litarary connection with our home in Lilliput, Poole.

Amongst other benefits, the Royal Navy sponsors the annual 'Big 4' events, these being;

* a swimming gala, held at HMS Raleigh

* Sea Scout Summer Camp, during the May bank holiday

* Soccer sixes, during September

* Explorer camp, held during October

Our Explorer unit performed admirably during the 2013 Soccer Six tournament and returned home with the silverware as runners up and similarly in 2017 our Scouts came runners up at the HMS Raleigh swimming gala

in 2018 LSS Scouts were overall champion of the Swimming Gala, and brought home the Otter Trophy

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